Saturday, October 4, 2008


Comparison of desk staff at the (so far) three doctor's offices I've been to:

Eye doctor #1: brusque, hurried, cold. (Although Dr. Ma herself is an absolute doll. Much as I hate going to doctors, if she was a doctor of everything, I'd gladly go to her for everything.)

Eye doctor #2: brusque, more hurried, very cold.

MRI office: friendly, pleasant and helpful.

Which of these people do you think is having a more pleasant day herself behind the counter? (And why are doctor's receptionists always women?)

And I myself am often guilty of being brusque, hurried and cold to the people who come to me for help in my job. Hello, see what it feels like? I'm gonna try and remember to be more like the MRI women from now on.

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