Friday, January 9, 2009

Getting ready

Just short of two weeks to go now before my next consultation with the neurosurgeon. (The MRI itself doesn't bother me at all - I slept throught the last one. It's the consultation I'm worried about.)

If he says I have to have surgery, I will get a second opinon, and if the second opinion thinks so too, well then I will need to get my life in order. Which is a daunting task, because my life has always been a disorganized mess.

I've started. I started seriously cleaning house last month, because I had a houseguest coming in over the holidays. That helped a lot.

I've done even more since my houseguest left. Walk in my apartment now, and it is just about as clean and orderly in appearance as any reasonably adult home you might visit.

Ah, but don't try to open any closets or drawers. That's where all the chaos is stowed.

Next on the agenda: clean out all that storage space that is crammed to the gills with 50 years' accumulation of junk I no longer need. Now that's always a worthy project for most of us posession-glutted Americans, isn't it?

Wouldn't it be super duper fantastic if I get all this cleaning, decluttering, and organizing done, and then find out that I don't need surgery, after all? Wouldn't that just be nifty keen-o?


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the housecleaning and de-cluttering and feel free to visit my house once you're done with yours :) Though I actually did a lot of that while I was home, recovering from my craniotomy to get rid of my very own meningioma.

I hope it all works out for you! Surgery definitely did the trick for me, but then again, I didn't have a choice.

And hey, I think I 'know' you - didn't you tell me about anosmia a while back (on MM)?

Nogrinnin said...

Hey there, I thought I was sitting here talking to myself! Yes indeed, you do know me from MM - it's like my home away from home. Yeah I'm the one who posted all that info about anosmia.

Wow, if people are actually reading this, maybe I should post some helpful links? I'll have to figure out how to do it first!

Robert Chaplin rca said...

You're not alone.
This mysterious life, so full of pain, sorrow, wonder, and beauty, is about all any of us can handle. If you need surgery, I hope it goes well.
And in the meantime, you can enjoy life in tidy surroundings.

Anonymous said...

Heh, I'm glad I remembered correctly. What with frontal lobers being prone to memory issues and all :)

And you probably have all sorts of visitors you don't know about. I got some, but they don't seem to comment either.

Anonymous said...

If you're curious about how many visitors your site receives, check out The basic version is free.

I haven't posted on my blog for getting on to a year, but I still get a handful of visitors every day. One is probably my mom but I wonder who the other 4 are.