Monday, January 12, 2009

Doctors without calendars

What is so hard about keeping an appointment scheduled 3 months ago? My neurosurgeon's office just called and told me that Dr. Whosits can't see me as scheduled because he'll be out of town. What, did he win a cruise or something? Heard the blizzard warning they issued this morning on the heels of the 10 inches of snow we all just dug ourselves out of this past weekend and decided he can't take one more minute of Chicago winter weather?

Soonest he can see me is Feb. 12. Great. I get an extra two weeks to work on cleaning out my closets and trying not to worry.

Doctors! Sheesh!

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Maria7 said...

Tell me about it! THAT MAKES ME SOOOO ANGRY WHEN THEY DO THAT. We wait the agonizing 3 months and finally that day comes when we get to find out what our fate is going to be....and "oh sorry...but the doc is not in". I feel like yelling at the entire office. It's terrorism if you ask me.