Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3 month MRI

Oh, the irony. Friends and family kept offering to take me in for my MRI. I had to keep telling everybody over and over again, "No, thank you, MRI's don't bother me, no really they don't, no really, really, REALLY! I'm fine by myself, no really, really, REALLY! No, I don't need a ride to the MRI center, thanks so much, I'm fine, REALLY."

Then my car broke down.

Well, I had to scramble at the last minute to get there in time, but I got lucky twice and made it there only a little bit late, and back home safe and sound. But how funny is that? All those offered rides, and all those "no thank you, I don't need it", and then lo and behold, I did need it. Hear that faint giggling in the background? That's the Universe, laughing at me.

The MRI still didn't bother me. I got the same technician I had my first time, the one with the feather-light touch. I listened to the spacey sounding noises and napped a little. But there was more irony in store. The MRI center has changed its clothes policy since I filled out my comment card that first time , and this time the nice technician just asked me "Does anything you're wearing contain any metal?" I was already prepared with my metal-free comfy clothes. Except that it was too cold to wear my thin cotton elastic-waisted pants outside, so I wore regular pants (with a zipper) en route, and carried my comfy pants folded up under my arm. But one of the folded corners of my comfy pants somehow got wet, so that when I went inside the dressing room to put them on, they had a big wet splotch nicely repeated eight times all across where they'd been folded. So I had to wear those horrible oversized men's open-fly hospital pants anyway. Horrible, horrible, horrible pants. But I heard more of that faint giggling, and this time I laughed along, instead of getting all bent out of shape about it.

Of course none of this matters. What matters is whether or not my little upstairs visitor has grown. I'm on my own finding that out, as my esteemed neurosurgeon can't see me for nearly a month. Here's hoping for good news.

And oh yeah, there's all that way cool stuff going on down in Washington DC today. I've been listening to the radio all morning. Let me just say this:



Anonymous said...

When do you get MRI results?

And ditto on your postscript. ;) Megaditto.

Nogrinnin said...

I pick them up this afternoon. Wish me luck!